3 Irons

With our "50 Irons" year-long project behind us, 3 Irons is taking on more challenges to collaborate with artists and institutions to create diverse art and compelling experiences. Check out this short video recap of our past year, and be sure to follow us on social media to learn about our next adventures.

Current 3 Irons Projects (updated May 17)

  1. Hindsight, by Sackerson - Co-Producer, May 17- June 23
  2. Mark Hofmann Documentary - Co-Producer
  3. Elephant Outside (Feature Film shooting in June) - Executive Producer, Acting Roles
  4. The Soul Service
  5. Register and Publish original song "Burn" by MiNX

Coming Soon

  1. NOW ID (Dance): A Tonal Caress July 12-14 - Sponsor
  2. UMOCA Spectacle June 9 - Sponsor
  3. FestSaltLake social media coverage of the Salt Lake venues during Sundance 2019

Recently Forged

  1. Presentation at Mountain West Arts Conference May 10
  2. Featured article in Downtown SLC Magazine

About 3 Irons

3 Irons was started as a "two person creativity support group" during Sundance 2016 by friends Joy Haynes and Steven Labrum who were seeking accountability partners to help exercise their creative muscles. The idea for the name "3 Irons" came from the concept of always having 'irons in the fire' ...three at a time seemed like a reasonable amount. For one year, ending 3/31/18 they took on an endurance challenge to complete 50 arts-and-culture projects. Up next, you'll find 3 Irons involved in a variety of productions from mural art, to film, theater and more.

You can learn more about Joy Haynes (joy@3irons.com): www.joyhaynes.com http://www.imdb.me/joyhaynes

You can learn more about Steven Labrum (steven@3irons.com): https://www.linkedin.com/in/stevenlabrum/