Iron 31: The Haircut

Project Start: October 31, 2017

Project Completion Goal: November 3, 2017

Description: Explore the talent and artistry of hair-cutting by having Joy cut Steven's hair under direction of a master Stylist

November 3, 2017 - Steven gets his ears lowered

We don't screw around when it comes to projects at 3 Irons, so to do this right, we were committed to the full experience. We booked two hours with Ashley at Array Salon, and we came prepared to do two things: 1. Go through all of the motions (including hair washing and sweeping up) and 2. That Joy would do all of the cutting without Ashley intervening; only giving directions. Ashley also joined in on the fun by doing an Insta take-over and we did a story so that others could check it out. The whole thing took about an hour and a half, and to Joy's credit, no blood was drawn, and the haircut? actually turned out pretty damn good! Check out the before and afters. These are not touched up or corrected at all!

November 2, 2017 - Everything is more enjoyable in dress up

Ask any four-year-old, and they will confirm that play time is much more fun in costume. Never to miss a chance to add a little pizzaz to an event, we began to think of famous hair stylists in history and set out to our favorite Salt Lake costume shop, Farina's, to see what they could put together. We settled on a look from Grease, complete with pink bubble gum!

November 1, 2017 - Joy Scissorhands

For this Iron, we wanted to explore one of the most common art forms that EVERYONE ends up taking part in: the art of haircutting. But we couldn't just do this in a normal way...say learning on a mannequin or spending time in a class. So, somehow, Steven was convinced to let Joy (who has never clipped anything more than a fingernail) to take very sharp scissors in her hands and trust Steven to be his Sweeney Todd! To get a reasonable result (and make sure Steven still has his ears attached at the end) Joy will be cutting under the direction of master stylist and owner of Array Salon in downtown SLC: Ashlee Raybould who agreed to join in on the fun.